We view the green industry as a critical component of reducing the effects of climate change. We “strive to walk the talk” in all aspects of our business model. For instance:

  • our substrate is made from waste products, pine bark and compost
  • we fertilize with composted turkey manure
  • we use IPM to minimize pesticide application
  • we have natural areas adjacent to our production facility to support beneficial organism populations
  • when we fertigate we use a low fertilizer concentration and irrigate to minimize the leachate fraction
  • we collect and recycle our leachate 
  • we minimize petroleum-based products during production.
    • our 20” container is made with a little over 9 oz of fabric of petroleum-based product in it and we recycle our 3-gallon containers when possible.

We also have a specially designed irrigation pond that collects runoff from our container pad. There is a green zone buffer strip between the irrigation pond and the container pad.