We strive to build landscapes through the production of locally adapted sources of native plants.

Production Size

We produce plants in two sizes of containers: 3-gallon and 20” diameter fabric-line wire baskets producing 4-6’ and 1-2” caliper stock, respectively. Our plants can be used as “lining out” stock for commercial nurseries, or transplanted for reclamation/restoration or into the built landscape.


All our stock is seed propagated and we track our seed sources through all phases of production. We then select the best trees and plant them in our seed orchards so we are better able to supply our customers with a more consistent product. The seed orchard trees have been selected from diverse sources to increase the genetic diversity of our plants. As the seed orchard trees mature, they will be genetically tested, by mother tree, and inferior trees removed and replaced with superior phenotypes which will be tested to determine their genetic quality.

Root Systems

We pay careful attention to root system quality at all phases of production. We grow our seedlings in large open-bottom containers so that tap roots are air-pruned and laterally oriented nascent buttress roots are allowed to form. At transplanting, care is taken to position the root system to promote more natural root development.  3-gallon plants are root pruned before transplanting into our innovative 20” diameter fabric-lined wire baskets that inhibit circling root to develop in the final production stage.